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James Horak and the EMVs - Electro-Magnetic-Vehicles
EMVs, ETs and the Future of Humanity - Randy Maugans interviews James Horak
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Soundbites from the Interview with James Horak on the Kevin Smith Show at 09. July 2010
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On this page I am going to publish much of what James Horak has revealed to the public about himself, the EMVs and other related topics. My dear friend Torz has now set up a blog emvsinfo.blogspot.com with a growing number of articles. She is in constant contact with James Horak who has provided most of the info on the blog and this page. Go to the blog for even more info because I can not keep up with mirroring here what she has published, but you will find some articles here that are not on her blog for now.

In Febuary of 2010 James Horak came forward in an interview with Kevin Smith, a well respected talkshow-host who has his own radio-show, the Kevin Smith Show.

The reason for James Horak to come forward were the extraordinary images of the Sun, published by NASA/ESA, derived from the SOHO STEREO EUVI 195 Ahead and Behind satellites. At first NASA did'nt realize what they were publishing on their website http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov

But then NASA started to alter the images to conceal the unusual display of those objects that from Febuary 2010 onwards encircled the Sun and they did not go away!

It was too late, many people, like areca81, mitchellgibsonmd8000, Freiheitsberger and many others had already published the fact that NASA was trying to hide something very unusual, never photographed before around the Sun.

Then NASA wentback to publish the images without the heavy editing. They still edit the images with some software that pixelates these objects and you can tell because now also the stars in the background are pixelated too because the software can not distinguish between stars and these objects (as of now it looks they have refined their image altering method again).

So when James Horak came forward he revealed that these objects were already detected in 1985 by Dr. Norman Bergrun on images made by the Cassini space probes in the rings of Saturn. Dr. Norman Bergrun wrote a book which he published in 1986, "The Ringmakers of Saturn". He named them EMVs - Electro-Magnetic-Vehicles and out of deference to him, James Horak also applied that name to them.

At that time NASA denied the conclusions Dr. Norman Bergrun made and called them 'random Moons' which is highly unscientific and revealed that NASA is not interested to find out the truth, at least not in public.

James Horak also disclosed in his interviews that he has an affinity with the EMVs and that he is interrelated with them. This is for sure a very mind boggling allegation he made. But what is convincing about his claims is that he, James Horak is the only one on this planet who has offered a coherent and logical explanation of what is really going on in our solar system. And it was getting more and more phantastic the more he disclosed but it was still coherent. James Horak knows a lot about science in many fields, he can even explain, why these EMVs can be in such close proximity to the Sun without being destroyed.

Another point of interest is that for instance the native american people from the Aztec, Hopi and Navajo also know what they are. They appear in their historic records and prophecys for the future as an integral part. They called them the Plumed or Feathered Serpent. Why they chose this name for the EMVs will be explained in another article below.

I will start with a Bio of James Horak, that he had published on the Manticore Forum (go to Episode 79 to listen to James Horak)
which is associated to The Veriats Show, run by another well respected talkshow-host Mel Fabregas who also interviewed James Horak later on.

My involvement began when I saw some of the videos on Youtube put out by people who showed those EMVs on the images of NASA/ESA and who were asking themselves and the world what these were. I then made a similar video with magnifications of the best shots of EMVs I could find not having a clue what these were. But then by chance I heard the second interview James Horak gave on The Kevin Smith Show. I withdrew my video and changed the text, quoting James Horak.

In this second interview on the Kevin Smith Show James Horak answered to a letter that a lady with the name Torz or Angeltorz did sent to him after she has heard his first interview. Torz then saw my video where I was quoting James Horak and she then got in touch with me explaining to me what kind of person James Horak is and providing me with more info and interviews. From those I have made a whole series of four videos, extracting portions of James Horak's statements, rearranging and illustrating them.

By that time I also had the approval of James Horak and was in communcation with him and Torz who was in communication with James Horak on an almost daily basis. I can not publish the interviews here because of Kevin Smith's ownership but I have transcribed large portions of those interviews, which I will publish here too at a later time. There is only one audio-interview out there, provided by the Youtube-user ant20007, titled: James Horak Object Behind the Sun - 26 March 2010, which is the mentioned second interview.

I have grabbed his playlist and you can listen to James Horak here on my Youtube-channel:

All the transcripts used in my videos of James Horak can be read in English and German on the page:

As I said I will start with the biography of James Horak:


James Horak

Born October 14, 1943 in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Came to Texas with mother, her cousin and brother in the summer of 1947. UFO experience while on the way near N. Mexico/Texas state line.

Mother remarries and settles in Dublin, Texas.

At six, just before beginning school, have strange experience in movie theater.

Right after starting school have life threatening hit and run in a school zone.

At seventeen enter the United States Navy boot camp at San Diego. While there, suffer ptomaine poisoning. Untreated, effects of hyperinsulinism last a decade.

Shortly after going aboard ship, the USS Haleakala, am notified by mother that my grandfather is dying and take emergency leave. On way back to ship meet Rinn Clark during layover in Albuquerque, N. Mexico. He foretells of event in Japanese bay.

After poor performance in ET school and disciplinary action dropped from school and sent to USS Kennebec that is just starting the Pacific Cruise. At Hawaii, suffer blood condition.

Just before Christmas, 1962, involved in an UFO event onboard ship in Sasebo Harbor, Japan.

Sent to Akuska Naval Hospital, incidents cause rapid removal to stateside on MATS jet with 7-8 heavily bandaged marines. Strange incident.

Land in Long Beach California and am taken to AFB hospital where am placed in coed ward with officers. Then quickly flown across country to the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. Strange experiences.

Medical discharge and return home and soon began looking for work. Code on DD-214 makes finding good job impossible. Go to VA to complain and end up at Fort Lyons, Colorado for assessment. Determined to be 100% service-connected disabled. This is in 1965. Start school and meet first wife at TCU. We move to Lansing, Michigan and begin attending MSU in East Lansing. She has a teaching assistantship in the Comparative Literature Dept. I finish off a B.A. and enter grad school in the Canadian/American Relations Dept. She finishes her Masters and my department is closed down and I see no further interesting goals to pursue at MSU. Canada has refused me immigration status when I am invited by my former department head to follow him to Dalhousie University in the Marine Provinces. Wife and I move to South Central Ohio and live in the country between Xenia and Wilmington. She is teaching French at Central State University. While there I have first communication with a resident UFO in the area of the now Caesar Creek Reservoir. Locals are terrified by this craft's regular appearance but will not speak of it.

1972, wife and I split. I come back to Fort Worth and begin research and studies in grad program at TCU. VA decides they were wrong about my remaining elgibility and I drop out.

1973, begin research in mineralogy and begin work on The Theory of the Fusion of Metals. Decide the computer programs at that time make applications required impossible to achieve results I want. Learned the extent Defense mainframes were unable while at MSU. (By the time computers were adequate decided I did not want to aid the dubious goals of present space exploration of the planet.)

1974, began prospecting and staked claims on the Gunnison River just west of Delta, Co and assessed the Rupert Wasson patent claims on the Delores River in Utah. Discovered an EMV operation nearby and had my first interaction in this time frame with “magnitude” beings with which I had historically a long lineage of affinity.

1975, determined that the Golden Formation was of the same mineral wealth of platinum group metals as its contiguation in the Laurentian Shield of Canada. Found the presence of high grade ore and veins in the Rattlesnake Hills of Yakima, Washington.

1976, married second wife.

1978, divorced second wife, married third wife.

1979, began running smelter in Dallas for Hancock Chemical and started working for USPS, divorced third wife.

1980, another inspired piss at the stars and married fourth wife.

1982, divorced fourth wife and rebounded yet again upon another hapless victim, my final and fifth dubious pasttime, unfortunately lasting 12 years until she went completely insane under the tutelage of Rick McLaren and his renegade faction of the Republic of Texas.

Throughout 1980 to 1982 saw UFOs and mothmen frequently en route to work in Fort Worth from home in Newark, Texas. Became aware of criminal activities for the first time taken place at Kenneth Copeland's International Ministries near where I lived.

1985, run across the niece of Rinn Clarke and find out he is the MIB I met in Albuquerque in 1961 while returning to my ship from emergency leave.

1985, late, take wife to site in Utah to recover her from cancer. Incident with Mormons and a number of visits to ridge canyon where are the EMVs late at night.

1995, separation from last wife and divorce. She and Rick McLaren begin to factionalize the Republic of Texas and one Arthur Griesacker, a Mossad agent, schools them in printing phony treasury warrants they begin to spend as cash. Eventually they lease a Lear jet and fly to Israel in order to sell $2.8 billion worth to the Zionist faction of the government. Strange, strange series of events in and around this time.

1996, work with federal government agencies to bring peaceful conclusion to Davis Mountain siege. Begin research and writing on internet. Read Dr. Norman Bergrun's Ringmakers of Saturn of undertake supporting him in every way possible.

1997, Begin developing a methodology to teach unified consciousness. Acquire two students that undertake the study to have one become an excellent poet and the other to penetrate Dr. Bergrun's trust and to betray it by working with someone in NASA to feed the scientist doctored images for raw while my former student was set up to discredit him.

1999, work to defeat implementation of the New World Order. Exchange information with a CIA researcher who wants my information on the Aurora Crash from the nineteenth century. He has to cut ties with me when he gets in trouble researching my questions about Kenneth Copeland.

2000, work to defeat implementation of the New World Order a third time.

2001, begin to participate in various anomaly, UFO, mind-control forums for research and exchange of ideas. Temper what I know to the levels of credibility I find on each and begin to try and discuss EMVs, the helium paradox, distinguishing between ETs and EBEs and revealing the conspiracy growing into a New World Order.

2004, begin to publish articles online, eventually several on UFO Digest. Belong to UFO Updates but get banned twice. Never for any impropriety on my part.

2008, am asked by Brazilian ufologist, Milton Frank to write my bio for his magazine and website, answering a number of questions he poses.

2010, am induced to give interviews on the Kevin Smith Show and accept doing so only because of the show's recent interest in the EMVs SOHO imagery displayed in the Sun. Back in 2000 I had first told The Millennium Group, an assortment of amateur astronomers, that as Hale-Bopp passed the Sun on its second trip through the system, they would detect enormous objects in the Sun interacting with the solar flares. The latest development from the SOHO images existed ONLY because SOHO was not under the control of either NASA or JPL (because ESA had a hand in this). Just as these two agencies had been disingenuous in how they portrayed Shoemaker-Levy, they would have done the same with their own probes and satellite imagery detecting EMVs and repeatedly had.

ETs & EBEs

What is the difference?

We must distinguish between ETs - Extra-Terrestrials and EBEs - Extra-Biological-Entities, artificial life, who are not benevolent and interfering with humanity (Abductions). They are remnant space-probe-beings constructed by a race that has evolved to another level and left this plane. Dr Greer (and his Disclosure Project) is not recognising that difference and promoting that all entities are benevolent, which is just not true.

ET versus EBE - A Clarification by James Horak

Someone very dear to me has asked for a clear discrimination between E. T. and EBE, something I've addressed before many times online in various forums and in discussions elsewhere. That this problem has been poorly addressed by others and led to a great deal of confusion begs the task.

The chronology of mankind's presence on earth has a broken connection with a separate evolutionary counterpart installed (or seeded) much earlier than that of the present lineage known as homosapien. Ideally that evolutionary adjunct would not have occurred and a more environmentally robust individual would have developed in time. But forebearers from other worlds found need for a new home and was pressed so hard for time, that little choice was given but to come to this system. At that time Mars was the planet of choice and their vehicle, our present moon, served to better help install more favorable conditions for their survival.

Deep beneath the surface, an old race of people persisted so advanced that they approached a level of attainment even most all communities of ET can express only in legend, that of spiritual technology. Only through their concern and application of customizing solutions to the problems inherent to this exodus was it remotely possible to make the necessary altercations.

In time, however, those people transported to this new home, intent on an energy economy and a poorly based power structure, began to digress their resources and habitat at an alarming rate. To offset the result, poorly prepared attempts were made to cycle geophysical energy from a mantle of the planet too early in its state of development (by a new and dynamic moon) to sustain such exploitation. The planet soon lost its ability to provide the habitat needed.

It is at the time, some 300,000 years ago, the Martian Exodus to Earth was begun. The early inhabitants of Mars, let us call them the Drooge, helped prepare the way and establish, with a grid of enormous engines, a more likely success to the venture. Shortly the Drooge would leave entirely the system to become an ultimate expression of attainment as an incorporation of spiritual technology. Their directions that were left the now earth-based humanity could easily have completed the transition fully had the intentions of the select few allowed them followed.

Instead of implementing such wisdom, what became the elite (and an unfortunate model of behavior through all the following eras,) kept in place a sad state of affairs that yielded to their control a people more easily enslaved by being kept in a servile mindset. The existance of a constantly fluctuating gravity/magnetic field on the moon and its resultant effects on earth's own gravity wave signature, lost one important ingredient to an otherwise ideally mixed respirant by earth losing its own ability to hold helium to itself. The aftermath led to a false model of dichotomy, rulers versus the ruled, and a subsequent loss in those ruled having the same power of expectation. With other modifications secretly made, those ruled lessened to a state of divided consciousness. Along with programs installed to sublimate the attendant ambivalence bred and to promote it as ideal, people were brought to think of this as a natural state. While only in the last fifty years has this been challenged to any extent.

Page II, ET versus EBE

Into this varied mix, come an interloper, themselves fresh from, in a manner of speaking, being left adrift upon the aether of the Universe, EBEs, ExtraBiologicalEntities. Made exclusively for deep space travel by an highly advanced race, too sympathetic to their own to send sentient mind into the fathomless void where they would be lost to loved ones and home, these creatures are designed to have no ability to pass on technology, to reproduce as a species, or to have any such nature lending to aggression or schemes for conquest.

But then this civilization, let us call them the Abroyt, progress themselves to this higher state, to spiritual technology, as will and have the Drooge. The EBEs receive no returns to their signals from deep space, no reaffirmation of mission intent, nothing responding upon which to act. Eons pass without any such contact until some fluke causes scanning for other signals to begin. And then the corruption begins. Aberrancy begins and their meddling action among ET communities is noticed and the drive to rid the galaxy of these problematic interlopers becomes a priority.

Driven further and further away from conclaves of systems organized around such community, the EBEs find our system and an immediate lacking among the planet's people to discharge them. They also find this flaw in earth-based human mind and in its corrupted leadership, all-in-all, an easily enough circumstance to exploit to their own ends and a hope to burrow deep within social, political and military establishments by offering a carrot in shared technology they never intend to fully provide. When the esteemed Henry McElroy disclosed his reading of a classified memo on the Eisenhower meeting with ET, the discussion was about their own singular concern to rid earth of EBEs. The military's concern to maintain a hope of acquiring EBE technology (ET would not offer) was poorly advised.

When the lovely Niara Isley spoke about her flight to an off-earth base from near her duty station as a radar operation at Groom Lake, she spoke of observing the pilot of the craft as an EBE, though told this was a reptillian or “grey”. Obviously just one example of how what we have of EBE technology is not furthered far into our own technology or even navigable by our own hand.

Stressing here, I am making the point that EBEs are solely pilots and information gatherers, not even imaginative technicians, and far from being scientists. Even if they wanted, they can impart no significant advance to others. We merely are better advised of possibility...and not anymore than we would be by honest reflection on what we see sometimes flying around in our skies. In no way sentient, EBEs are sewn-together extrabiological machines all merely linked to a common computer who have somehow been opportunized themselves into serving various black ops programs. All for a deep dug escape from ET.

While ET is you, people of earth, if you succeed beyond your elitist confines, and grow to anywhere near your potential.


September 27. 2010.


Human Ambivalence amidst Concerns over the Gulf Crisis

by James Horak on Thursday, June 17, 2010. From James Horak to John Baldwin

John, the divided house falls, the divided mind fails. How many times must people have to see dead animals and human suffering on the Gulf coast to be assured that a toxic cocktail is being intentionaly mixed. BP has a policy of limiting access to the area and of hiding all evidence it can because it knows that humans here can deny ANY unsavoring reality if it is not reinforced.

Even against common sense and personal experience. When more truth from honest information threatens, they simply cut off the source or throw their hands up resigning to, "what can I do?" or "we have to get past this," as they did to allow the full investigations in 9/11 and the JFK assasinations by supporting more honest penetration. No, they just didn't have the moral outrage to really press for justice and to learn the lessons that could be obtained.

And so the pattern repeats, over and over again.

Along with being abel to be (and even submitting to be) hypnotized, earth-bound humans have created their own mind-control industry and allow both agencies of the government and military to employ it. The president uses it everytime he has written a speech and everytime he is directed in the cosmetics of how to deliver said speech.

The issues have become not to solve problems inherent to the interests of all on earth but to exploit them. And that is exactly what you see most world leaders doing today. To the expense of EVERYONE's future.

Criminal in every aspect, such designs are inevitable to outcomes you now see are being hidden more and more under the same cloaking doomsayers hired by social engineers have used in the past... always to escape accountability. 2012, Nibiru, all such scares worked into scenarios to confuse while Revelations is followed like a movie script so that the faithful will wait to be delivered and NOT TAKE A STAND.

And Tony Hayward and president Obama can lie repeatedly and not be brought to task about it. There is little comfort as one is made the sacrificial lamb for the other, whose evil against mankind is even greater.

This is the time, my friend, to discern the truth and speak it loudly. Show your love for your brother and sister in this way. Don't be ambivalent or mislead from the truth of what your effort will reveal and you will be just as good and worthy as any with unified consciousness... even braver.

John, may I share this with others?


Saving the Oceans from the Uncaring and the Purpose of the EMVs

by James Horak on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 12:49am

Part I

It doesn't seem that long ago, forty years or so. Robert Hightower had become a published horticulturalist whose promise had been noticed early on. It was the Trilateral Commission that paid his way through a doctorate and then placed him in charge of one of their more important research stations on the King Ranch in Texas.

He was working on top soil replenishment for the manioc plantations in Brazil. The characteristic highland slope and tropical run-off from rains had begun to place too high a price tag on the expensive guano and diatomaceous earth required and one staple of the countries food supply was being threatened.

Robert had written an article on the problem and, after reading it, I decided to get in touch with him. Although busy, he was not difficult to reach, nor so to enjoy in conversation. After an engaging exchange I mentioned I had read about his difficulties finding solutions to his Brazilian problem and had a possible remedy.

It involved a substance he would most likely deduce was in the montmorillonite group of clay silicate minerals but I told him, “it had properties he would have to see to believe” and that it would react with subsoil formations to hold topsoil incredibly well.

Predictably, he wanted a sample. By the end of the week I visited with one and was treated to a tour of one of the most magnificent of food growth laboratories I had ever seen. He was very attentive to my suggestions on developing an hydroponic medium out of the mineral and was enthusiastic about devoting part of a huge greenhouse there to the purpose.

After telling Robert what properties to examine and prove out, I answered his astute questions and felt this was the man to pick for promoting an asset the could help feed the world and end hunger for good.

It was a different Robert Hightower that called me the following month. Although excited about what he had found out of the mineral's properties, he had been oddly discouraged by his superiors. He quoted to me how they had summed up the matter: “You control the world with hunger, not plenty.” His next statement surprised me, “I can't work for them anymore.”

He asked, “exactly what will this stuff do you haven't told me about?”

Oh, my friend, it can change everything. In water, it can produce a current. It can turn toxic waste into healthy top soil in days with the help of the Sun. By covering an oil slick with it salt water and Sunlight can turn the oil into fish food in less than a week. You can eat it off the ground. The single cell marine life growing at the ocean's volcano vents acquire the ability to ingest plutonium waste and render it harmless in a media of it. It supplies absolutely efficacious mineral balance to every single organism and it allows far more utilization of protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

My God, man, I'm out of a job, how can I buy any of it?

You quick claim it, Robert, and I'll show you where. Less than a few hundred dollars and you will own mountains of it.

Part II

The first few years were tough, Robert scraped by selling this life-giving mineral as kitty litter. Then he had a break and let a thoroughbred owner feed some to his horse. When the clocked time for the animal improved substantially, to the point of winning three races in a row, demand quickly rose and Robert had his market. He would load up a large horse trailer with five gallon buckets of the micronized clay and tour the horse racing circuit once a year for about six weeks. It would give him enough income to live in style.

For Robert, this was enough but not for his wife. Her spending would “improve” just enough to keep the stress on his venturing further and further into seeking larger scale financing. The trilateralists had cut off conventional means for him and he began eyeing more dangerous ones.

I was by accident put back in touch with him through the nephew of his wife. The man did not know I knew Robert and proceeded to tell me much about the attitude his wife shared with her family concerning him. It seemed the “Las Vegas crowd” had found a natural bore worm in her in order to meddle into Robert's affairs and their interest was already drawn by the mineral's notable ability to screw up horse racing handicapping.

Through various contacts I knew an underworld bodyguard named Vernon Arbiter. He had been the bodyguard of “Sailor” one of the most noteworthy of Texas professional poker players. With his connections and “expertise” I knew Robert Hightower might soon need his skills. Vernon's gang was dissolving, even his inside connections within law enforcement were fading. He was eager to strike out for new prospects.

Robert and Vernon hit it off, even drank the same whiskey. Soon some of the claims were even entered in Vernon's name. Robert had given up part of one holding to acquire a larger ball mill for micronizing the mineral and to have business promoted with the better wine vineyards in California. Their wines were already becoming among the best in the world just from the initial first years of the mineral's use.

Then Robert died. Vernon became hopelessly paranoid and soon followed in suit. I know few of the particulars around the circumstances, but I have a calculated guess or two to make.

On the desert floor, over the breadth and width of a state, are mountainous heaps of this wonderful “starter” for a planet to host life. It was taken from earth as crushed rock and returned as life by EMVs who placed it around Saturn so that cosmic bombardment might reduce it to the ultimate excipient.

And without the wisdom to avoid compaction of soil and to utilize such things as body waste for fertilizer instead of “treatment” with chemicals to produce toxic waste, the need returns... and in cycles.

Conversations with James Horak on the 144 Moonshafts, the Drooge and Mankind's arrival on Earth from Mars

by Torz Baron-Copley, September 15, 2010

When the moon was a vehicle to bring mankind to this system 350,000 years ago, a civilization on Mars was nearing a level of attainment leading to spiritual technology. They were responsible for quickly enabling your ancestors to establish themselves on their planet. By placing this moon in orbit around mars, all of the problems were not solved completely to end further complications that became out of control by the time the civilization native to mars neared aspiring to contained energy fields, the advanced manifestation of practicing spiritual technology.
The choice to solving these complications was conceived when earth was found to be a better candidate for this moon's presence, even that a self-reciprocation could be found in the earth becoming a more suitable planet for life, by virtue of the presence of this new addition. The more advanced civilization, let's call them the Drooge, placed a grid of 144 engines upon earth at this time to help stabilize and correct problems anticipated by the former experience with mars. After the actual placement was made, the Drooge departed, becoming inhabitants of stars, some, our Sun. Disassociated from lesser civilizations just as darkness loses to light.
This was about 300,000 years ago.
The problem became paramount when it was discovered the proper components to earth's atmosphere were being lost, one most crucial, helium. The change in earth's gravity wave needed rectification. Minds became split when this was not accomplished. The story of the Tower of Babel is a watered down myth based on this lost history, though surprising it could endure so long at all.

By the time rectification could be achieved an elite had found far too many advantages to persisting the sad state of affairs the split minded allowed them to opportunize. Eventually this led to planet-wide destruction and to produce a planet upon which no one would wish to live and all prayed to depart. The wish was granted.

Then five more times. The last two in parallel of each other. (The universe hates redundance, let us say...) I've spared you details that would actually add little to the clarity of the mechanisms you seem interested in probing. Only you can fathom if this is indeed adequate to that end and only then if you see this explanation satisfying what facts you have of the astrophysics of your solar system and view my information in the context of probability.

The Moonshaft by Antonin T. Horak


(This article was published in March 1965 in NSS News)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an article by the author from his own journal. Antonin T. Horak was a captain in the Slovak Uprising during World War II, and he tells of his discovery of a strange „moonshaft“ in a cave in Czechoslovakia. Dr. Horak is a linguist who is now a U. S. Citizen living in Pueblo, Colorado and he hopes to persuade speleologists to study his moonshaft further and learn its true nature. The illustrations were traced from sketches that he made 20 years ago in the cave, which is located near the villages of Plavnica and Lubocna, at about 49,2o N, 20,7o E. The journal was written on the spot and starts when Dr. Horak and two of his wounded soldiers were found by peasant and rescued from capture.

October 23, 1944.

Early yesterday, Sunday, October 22nd, Slavek found us in a trench and hid us in this grotto. Today at nightfall he and his daughter Hanka came with food and medicine. We had no eaten since Friday, and all we had had before, during last two battles, was maize bread and not enough of that. Our commissary had been on its last legs anyway; the supply carriers had been dispersed by confusion and the enemy.

Saturday afternoon the remnants of our battalion (184 men and officers, a quarter wounded, 16 stretcher cases) were retreating through the snow of the north slope. My company was the rear guard. At dawn Sunday, the two 70 mm guns opened up at us from close range - about 300 m. Having held our position for 12 hours, I ordered a gradual breakup of the skirmish and slip-off. But in our left trench someone became careless, and that drew 2 direct hits - shells, two wounded. Arriving there I bumped into the enemy, caught a bayonet and bullet with my left palm and blow on my head, which put me out. Without my fur cap it might be fractured.

I came to when someone was pulling me from the trench, a tall peasant. He packed snow on my hand, and grinned. Then this rough and ready Samaritan grabbed Jurek, stripped off his pants, yanked the long sliver of steel from his thigh, and planted him bare-bottomed and gasping into a heap of snow. Martin, with a slash across and into his belly was tenderly bandaged. Building a stretcher the peasant introduced himself as Slavek, a sheepman, owner of the pastures hereabouts. With Slavek hauling and guiding, it took us four hours to reach this cranny.

Slavek moved rocks in the cranny and opened a cleft, the entrance to this roomy grotto. Placing Martin in the niche, we were astonished to see Slavek become ceremonious: he crossed himself, each of us, the grotto, and, with a deep bow, its back wall, where a hole came to my attention.

About to leave us, Slavek went through the same holy rites, and begged me not to go further into his cave. I accompanied him to fetch pine boughs, and he told me that only once, with his father and grandfather, had he been in this cave; that it is a huge maze, full of pits which they never wanted to fathom, pockets of poisonous air, and "certainly haunted". I was back in the grotto with my men at about midnight, exhausted, head very painful, soothed it with snow. Martin was unconscious, Jurek feverish. For breakfast-lunch-dinner he and I had hot water, and, thank God, I had my pipe. I placed warm stones around Martin, and Jurek got the first watch.

Miserable night. Martin at time conscious; I gave him 3 aspirins and hot water to sip with drops of Slivovitz. Jurek hobbled hungrily around the two German helmets in which he boiled water to which I added 10 drops of Slivovitz, our breakfast. With this deluge of snow, avalanches imminent, and enemy skiers roaming, Slavek may not be able to get through to us with food for days to come. And neither should I try hunting and track up the landscape while I have two immobilized men on my hands. But here we have this cave which Slavek knows only partially; it may have more than this known entrance, and it may contain hibernating animals. These possibilities I mulled over while Jurek was chewing pine bark, and, as expected, he implored me to go poaching into Slavek's cave and promised to keep mum. And I was not only starved but equally eager to find out what makes self assured Slavek scared enough to invoke the Deities. I started my cave tour with rifle, lantern, torches, pick. After a not too devious nor dangerous walk and some squeezings, always taking the easiest and marking side passages, I came, after about 1 1/2 hours, into a long, level passage, and its end upon a barrel-sized hole.

Crawling through and still kneeling, I froze in amazement - there stands something like a large, black silo, framed in white. Regaining breath I thought that this is a bizarre, natural wall or curtain of black salt, or ice, or lava. But I became perplexed, then awestruck when I saw it is a glass-smooth flank of seemingly man-made structure which reaches into the rocks on all sides. Beautifully, cylindrically curved it indicates a huge body with a diameter of about 25 meters. Where this structure and the rocks meet, large stalagmites and stalactites form that glittering white frame. The wall is uniformly blue-blackish, its material seems to combine properties of steel, flint, rubber - the pick made no marks and bounced off vigorously. Even the thought of a tower-sized artifact; embedded in rock in the middle of an obscure mountain, in a wild region where not even legend knows about ruins, mining, industry; overgrown with age-old cave deposits, is bewildering - the fact is appalling.

Fig. 1

Not immediately discernible, a crack in the wall appears from below, about 20 to 25 cm wide, tapers off and disappears into the cave's ceiling, 2 to 5 cm wide. Its insides, right and left are pitch black and have fist sized, sharp valleys and crests. The crack's bottom is rather smooth trough (Mulde) of yellow limestone, and drops very steeply (about 60o) into the wall. I threw a lighted torch through; it fell and extinguished with loud cracklings and hissings as if a white hot plougshare were dropped into a bucket.

Driven to explore, and believing me thin enough to get through this upside down keyhole, I went in. Wriggling sideways, injured hand and head below and steeply downward, nearly standing on my head, cramped, though my right arm with the lamp could move in the extended crack above me, the crush got the better of me and I had to get out, back, quickly. And that became a struggle. When out and breath regained, I was too fascinated by the whole riddle and determined to get at it. For the day I had enough and had to think about tactics.

I was in camp at about 4 p.m. Jurek had washed Martin, kept him between warm stones, and I gave him three aspirins and hot water with Slivovitz to sip. I explained to Jurek that the hunt in the cave requires much smoke, poles, and rope. Thank god, Slavek and Hanka did come with provisions. When they left I accompanied them to fetch torch boughs, was back in camp at about 2 a.m., dead tired, but finally we had eaten - Jurek too much - and I got the 2nd watch.

October 24, 1944.

Peaceful night; Martin sipped fever-tea with honey; hope we can pull him through. Jurek`s posterior is not even swollen, but my head still is. I cut our belts, braided 8 meters of solid rope. At 10 p.m. was at the wall; anchored the rope over a stick across the crack, and keeping it slung over my shoulder, forced myself again into the grim maw. Like yesterday, the lamp, this time carbide, was on a stick ahead within the jaw above. When it came through and down it swung freely over some void into which I could not see, and there was again rushing as if from agaited waters. And, unable to turn, I feared a water-filled pit ahead and to end in it - literally - in a headstand.

I wriggled upward, back again; my clothes caught on the protrusions, descended on my shoulders and head, and formed a plug. The resulting struggle nearly caused me to burned alive. When out and on my feet, I was shaking from exhaustion, and had lurid visions.

There are no loose stones about the wall and so I hacked stalagmites into short rolls and bowled them through the crack. They rolled on, causing enormous echoes, and knocked to a standstill, indicating a solid floor and room to turn. I launched the unlit torches after the stones, undressed, keeping the shirt only, and went after the stones and torches. Already acquainted with the meanst fangs in the crack, I came through with only few cuts, dropped a little, rolled down an incline and was stopped by a wall which felt familiar, satiny smooth like the front wall.

My lamp was still burning next to me, but here were confusing sounds. Lighting like torches, I saw that I was in spacious, curved, black shaft formed by cliff-like walls which intersect and form a crescent-shaped, nearly vertical tunnel, rather shaft. I cannot describe the sombernessand the endless whisperings, rustlings and roaring sounds, abnormal echoes from my breathing and movements. The floor is the incline over which I rolled in, a solid lime "pavement".

Fig. 2

All the lights together did not reach the ceiling or where these walls end or meet. The horizontal distance between the apexes of the concave backside of the front wall and the convex back wall is about 25 meters. To explore further I needed more light and my pick, which does not fit through the crack and must be taken apart.

I left jubilant, in a sort of enchantment mixed with determination to explore this large structure, which I believe is unique, singular.

This time with my head up, with no clothes to ensnare and burn me, I was through the crack fairly unscathed, dressed, smoked a pipe, and was underway to my men. I tried to catch some bats, but caught none. Jurek was boiling potatoes and mutton and therefore inclined to excuse my bad huntsmanship; he even appreciated its hardships when he had to grease the scratches on my back, and my shirt.

Martin had a crumb of bread with honeyed fevertea. After 6 p.m. I went for a new load of torches, was back at about 10 p.m. Jurek got both watches.

October 25, 1944.

We had a good night. Martin seems to mend. Am glad that Jurek`s thigh is not yet well enough for him to want to go with me poaching for bats. It is better that he knows nothing about the cave's secret.

I went directly to the wall, undressed like yesterday, smeared muttonfat over me, slid my things through the crack and went in, feet first. Extending the carbide lamp upon a double pole, with four torches burning, still the upper ends of the cliffs remain in the dark. I fired two bullets up, parallel to the walls. The report caused roars, as from an express train, but no impact was visible. Then I fired one bullet on each wall, aiming some 15 meters upward from me, got large blue green sparks and such sounds that I had to hold my ears between my knees, and flames danced wildly.

Assembling the pick caused more uproars. I proved the „pavement“, and started digging where the lime is thin, in the horns of the crescent. At right is dry loam; at left I came, at about half a meter, upon a pocket of enamel from the teeth of some large animal; took one canine and one molar, replaced the rest. Digging on nearby, the backwall has, at about 1 1/2 m below the pavement, a vertical, finally fluted, undulating pattern. It seemed warmer then the smooth surface. I tried with lip and ear, and believe the impression is correct. In the middle the pavements was too thick for a trench pick.

When the torches were extinguished, and I was in a freezing sweat, I left the „moonshaft“, dressed and went where the bats are, and bagged seven. Jurek stuffed them with bread and herbs and they became exquisite „pigeons“.

Slavek and Olga, his other daughter, came about dusk with hay, straw, a sheep's fleece, more medicinal herbs - selfheal and stonecrop - and seeds from the Iris, an excellent coffee substitute. I accompanied him, fetched pine torches, two long poles, and was back at about midnight. Martin got the last aspirins, honey-water; and Jurek both watches.

October 26, 1944.

It was a good night. I went into the moonshaft to continue experimenting. On my longest assembly of poles the carbide lamp did not light the upper end of these cliffs. I fired above the lighted area; the bullet struck huge sparks and made deafening echoes. Then horizontally at the back wall with similar effects - sparks, roarings, no splinters, but a half finger long welt which gave a pungent smell. After that I continued in my digging in the left moonhorn and saw that the wavy pattern extends downward; but in the right horn I found no such pattern.

I left the moonshaft to probe the front wall and its surroundings. Next to the stalactites are some enamel-like flecks, which, scarped, yield the powder too fine to be collected without glue, which I will try to boil from our pigeon's claws. I wished to obtain a sample of a peculiar material of the walls, but even firing two bullets into the crack, upon the protrusions and hitting them, I received only ricochets, a blast of thunder, welts, and the same pungent smell.

Returning to camp I caught some bats and we again had "pigeons". I ordered Jurek to carefully remove any trace of them, and kept the claws. The Slaveks arrived as usual at nightfall bringing this time a quarter of a deer, 1/2 kilogram of salt, and a tin of carbide. Jurek took both watches.

October 27, 1944.

Martin died, slept into death. Jurek knows his kin, took charge of his belongings, including his wallet with 643 crowns, watch with chain and my certificate. Now we are free and ready to leave and rejoin our battalion which is somewhere east of Kosice. With his stick Jurek can march some 10 kilometers daily, and have to move carefully anyway. We will start tomorrow.

At 10 a.m. I was in the cave probing passages for a way around behind the moonshaft; looked also for ice and poisonous air about which Slavek has spoken, and found none, though there may be some. Then I slipped into the moonshaft to sketch, dig, and ponder, and returned to camp at about 4 p.m. I ordered Jurek to prepare our packs, clean the weapons, boil food for seven days, and have ready what we will not need to be returned to Slaveks. He and both girls, if as the family had sensed that Martin died, came and we carried him into the dwarf pines to the trench where he had received his mortal wound, took turns to dig his grave, prayed, and buried him in a blanket. Slavek is to set up a good cross next spring for which I gave him 150 crowns. Slavek briefed me as best he could about the enemy eastward from here. Jurek and I were back in our grotto at midnight, and he took both watches; he can sleep most of the day tomorrow.

October 28, 1944.

Restful night, good breakfast. Cut my name, etc., on a leather strip, and together with the golden back of my watch rolled and inserted both engravings into a glass bottle, plugged it with a pebble and ball of clay mixed with charcoal, and deposited this record in the moonshaft, on the top of the ashes of my torches. It may stay there for a long time, possibly until the structure is completely hidden behind its curtain of stalactites and stalagmites. Slavek has no son to tell him about his cave-mystery; his womenfolk don't know about it, and anyway daughters usually marry to other villages. In a few decades nobody will know, If I do not back and have the structure explored.

I sat there by my fire speculating: what is this structure, with walls 2 meters thick and shape that I cannot imagine of any purpose known nowdays? How far does it reach into the rocks? Is there more behind the moonshaft? Which incident or who put it into this mountain? Is it a fossilized man-made object? Is there truth in legends, like Plato's, about long-lost civilizations with magic technologies which our rationale cannot grasp nor believe?

Fig. 3

I am a sober, academically trained person but must admit that here, between these blacks, satiny, mathematically-curved cliffs I do feel as if in the grip of an exceedingly strange and grim power. I can understand that simple but intelligent and practical men like Slavek and his forebears sense here witchery, conceal it, ever made known, it would attract armies of tourists, and commercialization which would probably ruin their nature-bound trade and honest life. If and when I came back it will be with a team of secrecy-bound experts: geologist, metallurgist, cave expert; and if the object is of true importance for the advancement of knowledge and proper civilization, will to have to be found to respect the Slavek`s interests.

On my way back to camp I burrowed and hid the crawl holes which lead towards the wall; the cave may have entrances which Slavek does not know, and some chance discoverer may start blasting "for treasure" before a scientific team can get there. I was in camp after 3 p.m., and about 5 all three Slaveks arrived, bringing some hard-boiled eggs. Jurek asked permission to talk privately with Slavek, and then Hanka was carefully sounded out by her father whether she would accept Jurek as her husband. She cried and laughed, Jurek gave her his photograph and golden watch which his father had brought from America; Jurek is a well-to do carpenter in Bratislava. I am invited to the wedding and will try to come. To make sure, I gave Hanka a letter to a befriended jeweler and commanded her to get the nicest set of Bohemian garnets as a wedding present. The Slaveks had brought their family Bible, and I made some entries.

With the hardy Slovak handshakes and "Mnoho stiastie, Pan Buh pozehnaj Vas, Buh s tebou", we shouldered our weapons and packs and went. When we entered the pines and turned we saw Slavek concealing his cave and the girls sweeping away our tracks. The moon was bright and the snow glittered.

October 30, 1944.

We moved during the dark hours only and along the timber line. During daylight, camping snugly below a fine pinetree, were alarmed by the sound of infantry fire; approaching to investigate we observed a strong group of skirmishing with a ski party of Wehrmacht and Polish Blue Police (fascists). The fascists went soon, and, joining the insurgents we were their guests for a whole day. They were a mixed group of Hechaluts, ZOB, DROR, from the Rzeszow region in adjacent Poland, who had helped in our Uprising and were now on their way back - through immense snow - to their usual sectors between Cracow and Przemysl. Their physician was Rachel W. the widow of a murdered Jewish doctor; she knew and told us about the exploits of the famous Jesia Fryman Banda against the Nazists; and fed us two fine, hot meals. When these valiant Jewish fighters were marching on northward, we had to go southward, towards Kosice, Which we reached on our 6th day; and there receiving directions we could proceed to join our battalion which was awaiting the next offensive of the Red Army to join it until to the end of the war.

In the very last days of World War II, on my way towards Bohemia, I revisited the place. The Slaveks lived temporarily at Zdar. I visited Martin's grave and looked at the cave entrance. I have taken the animal teeth I had collected to the curator of paleontology at Uzhorod, and he classified them as adult cave bear, Ursus spaeleus. Thereupon I speculated: the crack is too small; the lump of limestone and stalagmites in front of the crack would not let any debris through; this bear seems to have fallen into the moonshaft, which may have had a connection to the surface.

In correspondence dealing with plans for the publications of this journal, Dr. George W. Moore suggested that the moonshaft might have been dissolved from a steeply dipping limestone layer between curved parallel sheets of chert. I am skeptical. All the inner surfaces of the moonshaft are composed of the same material. Also, such an hypothesis does not explain the peculiar, exactly parallel, finely grooved pattern on the back surface (or wall) of the left horn.

On my last visit to the place, I examined the mountainside above the cave and found no sinkholes or pits, the assumed connections toward the moonshaft. But on these very steep slopes in the Tatra Mountains, rockslides could have obliterated or filled in any such connections.

James Horak on the Kevin Smith Show - 14/15. Sept. 2010

James Horak called into the Kevin Smith show last night and told us about The Roaming Moon and gave us another thought provoking explanation in the only way he does. And told us about the 144 "Moonshafts" that were placed, by the Drooge in a grid around the Earth's mantle. When positioned correctly they can be controlled either on Earth or underneath the surface of Mars and can place the moon in a position to intercept the asteroid field approaching the Earth. They were discovered by his Uncle Antonin Horak, in the Tantra Mountains during WWII and were consequently moved by the Russians to be put beside another one of it's kind in Lake Vostok Antartica. This is VERY BAD as they are task driven machines that release pressure build up in Volcanoes and reduce Earthquakes around the world by dipping into the Earth's core and adjusting the gravity wave. For your information. I have many hours talking about this subject with James and the dire consequences of placing two of these Moonshafts side by side. Let us hope that the Russians HAVE had help from benevolent E.T's in placing them back.

KS = Kevin Smith
JH = James Horak
JH: I’m calling in about the migration and speeding up of the moon. There are devices gridded on the Earth that if controlled can place the moon in a position to intercept the asteroid field approaching Earth.
KS: Where are these devices?
JH: They are multi function, they are enormous. They look like spires; they are placed just above the mantle of the Earth. Like a dipstick they relieve pressures that build up and minimise the Vulcanization that creates Volcanoes and Earth Quakes.
KS: Well it would seem that they are not working very well right now.
JH: No they’re not working but they may be being used to position the moon in apprehension that there may be a asteroid field.
KS: Who would be able to use those?
JH: ET would be able to use those. One was found in the Tantra mountains by Antonin Horak who wrote an article about it.
KS: You said these are these devices and they are deep in the earth and that ET can use these. Is there the slightest possibility that anyone on Earth any government on Earth has figured out how to use these?
JH: No… but they have tampered with the configuration. That and uplift from the earth, the one in the Tantra mountains was pushed up by uplift and probably a few more which just don’t function when they are pushed out of place but more than that the one that was in the Tantra mountains that Antonin wrote the article on it, it came to notice I think to the Soviet Army and they found it and took it and moved it and put it in a very bad place. I think perhaps because of apprehension that something is approaching this area of the solar system, that ET has made a working relationship to utilize these in a way that can help the planet and that means that the Russians are probably in touch with them and have been advised that they need to move one of these devices away from another one that is in its proximity and that’s very bad. So I think that’s going on when I heard that there was an operation going on out of Lake Vladi Vostok, that’s what it’s all about I’m pretty sure.

KS: Lake Vostok in the Antarctic… do you think they are currently removing one they put there?

JH: Yes, they found one there and they took this one and put it there, which created an incredible magnetic anomaly and it has had ill effects since. Now I believe that ET is helping advise them that it needs to be moved and I think that’s what they’ve done and in process there is an area on earth where these can be controlled from one point. The activity that’s been in that area indicates to me that the ET has advised certain people in the world that these adjustments can help Earth.
KS: We hear about the NWO and their plans to reduce the population but it sounds like ET is helping the Earth, do you think that puts ET at odds with the leaders of this NWO to the point where there could erupt a war between the two?
JH: No. It’s just the banal stupidity to even discuss that possibility it would be like saying a child is playing marbles and there is heavy artillery coming up the hill… Can the child fight it?
KS: Well, I’m not talking about whether they have the ability to successfully prosecute the war I think these leaders of the NOW have enough insanity among them that the possibility of winning wouldn’t…
JH: I have no doubt that they want to portray a hostile alien threat as a substitute for war. To keep their emergency impending so that the rest of the humanity is confused and will buy the sacrifices they have to make and the new yolk that is about to be put on them out of the construance that this is necessary to defend the earth from an off earth enemy and that is BS.
KS: Do you think that at this point the Russians have removed this spire to its new location or do you think that, that’s just something that is underway right now?
JH: I think, I feel that it’s been moved that it’s no longer in proximity to the one that they found there. I think that’s what people are feeling, they are feeling that difference. These have the ability to effect incredible energy, they operate with each other, they are a network, they are impervious to anything coming near them, they can’t be damaged, they can’t be harmed but they can be pushed up by uplift which a few of them have been over hundreds of thousands of years…
KS: Tell us about their origin, who built them and installed them?
JH: The Drooge. The Drooge were beneath the surface of mars at the time that mankind came to this system and they were willing to share mars with mankind and did until mankind screwed things up there the way they have here.
KS: So why did the Drooge install these on the earth if they were living on Mars?
JH: They had reached a point where they were ready to become solely spiritual technology manifestation and as a concern for mankind they enabled them to come to earth but earth was not stable and they had to patch a few things up and place these in a position so that the earth could be protected from the meteor and asteroid storms that were prevelant at the time.
KS: And so after the Drooge installed these, someone has to programme them??
JH: No, the machines on Mars programme them.
KS: Are those machines on mars still running them?
JH: Oh yes, yes they’re still running but like I said there are controls here and the necessity of making some adjustments or re-computation has been made by the Soviet army putting that one in too close a proximity to another one. It messed things up.
KS: So what people are feeling now is sort of release of pressure?
JH: It may not feel that way but it eventually will. But the thing is that they are beautiful designs they are things that have purpose and have a mechanics to them that are wonderful and everyone has a right to know about them and of course the mindless power grabbers want you to think these emergency they create, necessitate us coming under a yolk.
KS: … talks about an old V8 engine and wanting all 8 cylinders to be firing… 6 could still run but 8 would be better. These devices were placed in specific places and have a specific purpose, will it still run without all of them functioning.
JH: Now that the two are not together, yes it would be better if they were placed in the original configuration they were placed in the beginning but Earth changes and upheavals and uplift has caused a few of them to be pushed up and those particular ones are not performing the function but there are 144 of them. I have located a few but if I had the equipment I could locate them all because I understand the grid, the arrangement they are in.
KS: You said their purpose is to protect us, to protect the Earth from a large body of asteroids coming to earth.
JH: They are to minimise vulcanization to calm the planet down and they act like a pressure valve, like a dipstick that dips down into the mantle of the earth to relieve pressure. It is purely mechanical.
KS: The effect of that is to protect us from asteroids you said...
JH: No that’s just one purpose and there are other things that they can do too. They are incredible engines; each one is an incredible engine.
KS: 144, are most of them working?
JH: Yes they have been working for 325,000 years... without a hitch except for the uplift and the two that have been put together…..
KS: You always bring some eyebrow raising information… you’ve done it again! Thank you, have a good evening.

Torz on Facebook answering Andre about the EMVs

It was difficult to answer your query in so few words for this is bigger than anything I ever imagined. James says, there are no occupants, as we would view them in the EMV's, only souls. They are not ET's. They are souls and when he is there he is part of the EMVs and the EMVs are alive... EMVs are LIVING things... not machines that have been built... He knows because he is part of them. He is not like us, he is here among us as. I do not know what he is and I won't ask him directly, I do know he is unique and I cannot even begin to fathom what he is, I have tried many times. They have been known in the past as the Hand of God. Four times now in this current era and in his human life here, he has prevented the NWO from starting their mass de-population plans and he will continue to do so by publicizing what they are going to do with the use of inevitability and other means available to him alone. James has Unified Consciousness and few here do for reasons I will go into at a later date but it's all in his interviews with Kevin.

He knows they are benevolent because he is part of them and it's the most wonderful place to be... one day we will be there. It matters well for the soul what we do here and it matters there how well and how aware we become of what's happening here and now.

I don't suffer fools gladly Andre, if over the last 7 months of almost constant communications I had thought or had any intuitive inclination that this man was cheating, I would have dropped him like a stone. You must know that and anyone who knows me knows that. I search for the vibrations of truth and the clarity and continuity of thoughts, actions and words.

I won't belittle or apologise for anything that I say with regards James Horak. They fear him and they know what he is capable of as he has proven it to them. He does not seek the limelight as so many of our brothers do. I don't ask for evidence or proof because I don't need to. I know this man, I have made it my business to know him and he is known by others who I know and trust, we are very close to each other but there is a great deal of respect both ways.

I really should write all this down but I just never have the time... Life gets in the way and this is the most important thing I have ever done.

We are so bombarded with BS that we cannot see the wood for the tree's when they are right in front of our faces... there is so much crap out there designed to keep us wandering in circles, never quite arriving at the destination, for that would set us free and they don't want that.

When someone comes along with information that strikes a chord within me I take notice and when that person doesn't bulk out their information with padding and frivolities I listen to them and verify as much as I can about what they are telling me.

I know that Dr. Norman Burgrun did years of research into the objects that he studied in the Ring of Saturn, I know his peers were incapable of understanding and comprehending his results due to a lifetime of academic mind controlled impregnation. I trust James Horak and so, as no-one has come up with a better or honest well thought out and researched explanation, (except this two men), as to what these objects are around the Sun. I am going with the most simplest and most logical one there is.

I hope I have done your very valid question justice Andre my friend, there is soooo much more I could say but I am not here to pursue you, just give you the facts as I know them. It is your choice what you do with this information. I heard the initial interview with Kevin and wanted to know more, so I wrote to him to find out more, we have spoken on a daily basis since February... he has not told me things that I have blithely believed... I have had to ask intelligent questions and do my own research and as such I have learnt to distinguish what is the truth of the matter and what is there to distract us.

Hope that helps :)

Message from James Horak

I (Torz) have been tasked to write this on my (facebook-) wall by my good friend James Horak. It is a message to those who will know what it signifies. It is my honour to do this.

James Horak's Message:

"I sat in the Navajo shaman's hogan. His spirit rattlesnakes lost obedience to him. When I spoke of the lady at the willows, he knew I knew of his corruption. And now the elders of the Navajo nation know the youth will follow me to the end of this world.

The day will come when I will deliver my instructions to the Navajo and Hopi faithful on what I would have them do with the treasure they have saved for me. To them, and their brothers, has remained a faith unbroken since the withdrawal of the last Ice Age."

Image Courtesy: NASA

The Plumed Serpent

What you see on this image are ten EMVs (Electro-Magnetic-Vehicles) in a formation in close proximity to the Sun, recorded by the
NASA/ESA the SOHO STEREO EUVI 195 Ahead and Behind satellites. Each of the EMVs are larger than our planet Earth.

This formation was called by the Mayans, Aztecs and other native tribes the Plumed Serpent or Feathered Serpent.

I'm interpreting the appearance of the Feathered Serpent as a warning-sign for humanity, especially for the global ruling "elite" and the EBEs. The global ruling elite has set their plan in motion to kill most of the people on Earth and then enslaving the surviving rest to serve them. This will not be allowed. The EMVs have protected planet Earth up until now from countless coronal mass ejections.

If the global elite, and I am talking directly to the Rothschild and Rockefeller psychopaths here, is going on with their plan, then ALL of the EMVs will just move away from the Sun, as they partially demonstrate in this picture, and then let her do the rest. There will not even remain a single bacteria on the face of this planet or even underground.

Their plans will never be achieved because they are dead then like the rest of us. They can not hide in the 1500 underground cities they have built, no matter how deep they bury themselves because the EMVs will absolutely make sure that nobody will survive down there.

I know that the Ro&Ro and bloodline-psychopaths, according to their psychopathic minds, are having problems to comprehend facts as they are enthralled in wishful thinking so WE must make them understand.

As we are becoming a space-travelling race the EMVs are protecting the other peace-loving exraterrestrial races from us, an immature war mongering race.

We as the human species on this planet have to figure this out and get a positive result.

This is humanities CALL on this planet!



Kathy H. said...
Hi All- After reading the article and the comments, I can't help but put my two cents worth in, lol...

I don't think the EMV's are "allowed" to interfere with the evolution of a species. Protecting us from outside influences (i.e. solar flares, radiation) is one thing but to alter the outcome of a species by directly removing any aspect of it is contrary to the Universal rule of non-interference on this planet which has been set up as the only planet of free-choice.

That's what the whole experiment is about!

To see if souls incarnate after being born into complete amnesia on Planet Earth can manage to learn (remember) that WE are "God" and that those who wield their imaginary power and influence are just like actors on a stage.

"All the world is a stage; the Men and Women merly actors..."

Marduk said...
James Horaks called the EMVs as the "Hand of God" that is an excellent conclusion, imo

Ross said...
It seems that the TPTB and the ruling elites seem hell bent on implementing a version of the New World Order and keeping the masses enslaved.

Going on what Mr Horak has said, this would likely result in the experiment being ended. Now I know that if the stories are to be believed, ET contacted Eisenhower and offered to help take care of the EBE problem. He refused.

I am wondering if there could be a third option other than be wiped or continue as we are, seeming teetering on the brink.

If asked, would ET (or the EMVs) consider somehow removing these controlling elites and the EBEs and help the rest of humanity awaken to the reality of life as it truly is?

I'm not talking as if the current day president or world leaders would ask them, I'm talking as if, say, I or another regular guy (or gal!) asked them to help? Someone who has no title, no position of power, no hidden agendas, only the best interests of humanity in mind so that we may start to live in peace and free from all the constant control, fear, greed, etc etc that is going on in the world today.

I know its a long shot and I abhor bloodshed or any other forms of nastyness, even towards those who would see me ill, but I kinda look on TPTB, governments etc like a cancer on the petri-dish. If we or they can heal it without cutting it out, so much the better, but left unchecked, I can see us drifting towards being wiped altogether.

Sorry this is is such a long post, I do tend to ramble on a bit! I'm not scared at all of being wiped out here on earth, I just feel that to totally erase everything that we as planet earth dwelling humans have achieved up to now would be a bit of a waste, but I do see the need to stop things if certain elements go too far.

Anyway, I hope to get Mr Horak's thoughts and comments on this.

Best wishes, Ross

James Horak said...
Were we integrated in any way with the natural order, to see what is already there before us would be enough to fathom design. Belief in EMVs, ET, what I have to say, is the smallest part. It only takes knowing what is right and to exercise that same expectation upon those granted power that one would oblige one's self.

Thus the natural order would oppose injustice, secrecy, corruption; and the wars, inequality and disproportionate allocation of wealth bred by such evils.

I have provided alerts, even signs to those possessed of knowing. Never have I appealed to anything but what is just, fair, and expected of all who would seek moral guidance.

I gave the number that would be in Sun before they were and the images were not shown. I have long asked people to observe the night sky in order to know the planets and stars were often out of place. And I have explained why this is so.

Now people suffer. With no hope of recovering what prosperity was once had. Their sons and daughters die in foreign wars not justified by any truth.

Three times I have held back the iron fist of feudal dominion over this planet and provided proofs of this.

The EMVs have been prominent throughout time. Their operations, even here on earth have as well.

You KNOW you are ruled by evil and that its grasping has become barbaric.

I would say, in your vernacular, the ball is in your court.


Ross said...
Thanks for your reply Mr Horak.

I think I get what you are saying - In essence we, as 'humanity' are aware of what's going on and its up to us to do something about it.

I guess I was hoping that in the blink of an eye, all the elites and black ops stuff would be gone so that the rest of us would be left in peace. But then again we would learn nothing in the process. If the parent does everything for the child, the child grows up to know nothing of its own.

I'm just concerned that the ruling few have the odds stacked in their favour and that they have most of the masses so brainwashed and so asleep.

Best wishes, Ross

James Horak said...
Ross, this monstrosity called the NWO is rotten on the insides and as time has gone on those who would implement it are more and more advised of this.

In the meantime a powerful group, Faction Two, has formed in opposition and merely awaits the NWO to show for all to see, its evil designs. In anticipation of what has happened in the past to forestall efforts to clean up the last residue of the global conspirators when their passed efforts have failed.

But it is up to the rest of us to show our own resistance too, in order to begin the process.

Everyone should know, when they come to place you in detention centers and/or give you forced vaccines, you have nothing to lose by resisting in the most forceful manner.


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EMVs, ETs and the Future of Humanity - Randy Maugans interviews James Horak

Researcher, contactee, enemy of the NWO, and expounder of the "EMVs - Designers of the Solar System"... James Horak joins us for an off planet romp into the unknown, and often unspoken realms of cosmology: EMVs, Electromagnetic Vehicles... seen in the corona of the Sun and in the rings of Saturn. 

Following the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun, a former Fellow of the Ames Space Center and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and his book, "The Ringmakers of Saturn"; James Horak unfolds a story of the fantastic beings who "manage" the energy interchanges of the solar system and galaxies. 

A childhood contactee by the 'Greys', whom he terms as EBEs (Extra-Biological Entities, essentially robotic "meat puppets" which are non-sentient creations of a long transcended civilization), James makes the distinctions between these entities and the numerous sentient, and peaceful, ETs who are in close contact and proximity to the Earth. 

He discusses the suppressed scientific and spiritual nature of the universe, why humans on this planet have been deliberately lied to, subverted, and enslaved on every level by evil controllers whose only goal is to reduce the population of the planet and enslave totally... mind, body, and soul... this race who are creations of a Divine God. A creation with a spectacular destiny, and one that is emerging even now, against all odds...even if the face of annihilation. He warns of the impending "ET" deception to be foisted on the planetary peoples by this same corrupt power structure, and how it may be used to create the final stage takeover of Earth, its assets, and inhabitants. Controversial... decidely "against the grain", and steeped in the wisdom of one who has "been there"...listen and decide for yourself!

Randy Maugans

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